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    "WPE" offers a wide range of
    standard & custom-built Desalination Plants using Reverse Osmosis technology, for Brackish Water & Seawater applications, with a wide range of capacities reaching thousands of cubic meters per day.
    Our Desalination Plants can be supplied skid-mounted to be installed inside a building or can be supplied to site, containerized and prepackaged, ready to begin operation immediately. Our systems can purify water with salinity of up to 55,000mg/l, and with high levels of turbidity, suspended solids, & heavy metals contamination.
    Using only the latest in technology breakthroughs, our integrated desalination plants are typically divided into three major treatment sections :
    Pre-treatment Section: designed using multimedia filtration or membrane technology, depending on client requirements
    Desalination Section: which is always designed with energy saving as a priority
    Post-treatment Section: which includes chemical conditioning
    All our Plants are controlled by advanced instrumentation and Programmable Logic Control &/or SCADA systems.